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Magical Mornings with Achlaa

Become Stress Free, Remove Anxiety, Gain Confidence & Respect, Attract ABUNDANT WEALTH MAGICALLY

These 20 minutes set your day in HIGH vibrations

DAILY LIVE sessions with Achla @ Rs. 2912/- per month

Magical Mornings with Achlaa

Get rid of patterns of anxiety, stress, depression and learn how to make them your distant relatives, not your family members. 

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#1 Break the Pattern of working hard but not getting success

Do you want to know the answer? Well, its because only your Conscious Mind is wanting success, not your Subconscious Mind.

#2 Break the pattern of Repeated Failure in all areas of Life

Learn how to break the failure patterns by reprogramming your Subconscious Mind to success

#3 Learn how to take control of your mindset and train your mind for SUCCESS

You desperately want to be successful but your thoughts are disempowering. Learn how to break the loop of negative/ disempowering thought patterns.

#4 Raise your Frequency to Break the pattern of attracting toxic people

We attract those people and situations in Life who match our frequency. When we raise our Frequency, we automatically start attracting helpful, loving & empowering people in our lives.

About Achlaa

Hello, there! I am Achla Bhardwaj, Mindset Coach, NLP Trainer, certified by American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ABNLP) and Hypnotherapist, personally mentored and trained by Asia’s best NLP Trainer & Behavioral Life Coach, Mr. Mohammed Rafi TF – mentee of Mr. John Grinder (co-founder of NLP)

What Participants Have to say About Achlaa ...

“NLP Training has helped me channelize my energies in a more resourceful manner. Thanks Achla for showing the magic of NLP. Especially Peak Performance. I just love”
Ravinder Dahiya
CEO B&T India
Achla is full of energy, love and life. I did 2 programs with her and each has had huge impact on my life because the approach was customized and tailored to the person right in front. Achla uses a host of techniques to bring about a fundamental shift in the way we think and operate transforming deep rooted beliefs and limiting experiences.
Sakshi Aggarwal
Head, Consumer Insights, General Mills
Achla handholded in a challenging time and on regular basis she checked on my progress. She knew my weaknesses and my strengths and worked really hard on me to help me overcome my weaknesses. She is always available to hear my probs and always provided genuine help. Her approach is very professional and gives personal attention to each of her student. I highly recommend achla didi. If u have any challenges personally and professionally and you are planning to enter the world of NLP then she is the right person.
Sakshi Khurana
Tarot Reader


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Monthly Rs. 1100/- only

Yes, its free but do you follow it consistently.  If your answer is no, I don’t follow consistently, then Magical Mornings with Achla is for you

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