You are always

One Decision

away from a

Totally Different Life

Get rid of patterns of anxiety, stress, depression and learn how to make them your distant relatives, not your family members. 

A few years ago, I made that decision by venturing into the world of human life transformation, and here I am today after having gone through an intrinsically profound transformation which resulted in my physical, financial, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. And, that decision of mine had opened so many avenues for me to attract an abundance of wealth, success, joy and love. More importantly, I am several folds happier now! And I am sure you want to know how I made that happen for myself, don’t you? 

Hello, there! I am Achlaa Bharaddwaj, Mindset Coach, NLP Trainer, certified by American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ABNLP) and Hypnotherapist, personally mentored and trained by Asia’s best NLP Trainer & Behavioral Life Coach, Mr. Mohammed Rafi TF – mentee of Mr. John Grinder (co-founder of NLP)


My transformation journey has gone from being a just another person in the crowd, working for over 19 years in the corporate industry with some biggies such as GE Capital and MasterCard Worldwide, to standing out from the crowd as the ‘Woman of Influence’ awardee in 2018, ‘Gurugram Achievers’ awardee in 2019, to being crowned as the ‘People’s Choice Awardee at Mrs. India Earth 2019’ pageant.

Today, I am a proud mother of two, loving wife and daughter, great friend and coach, and Council Member of the Haryana State Health and Fitness Council under the Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI).

I am also the proud Founder of MINDIFI Mindset Coaching & Personality Transformation Consulting (MMCPTC) which was envisioned as the fruit of my ambition from the very moment I began my transformation journey. However, it took the global pandemic of the Covid-19 to propel its ideation into action.

Therefore, MMCPTC was birthed as a ray of hope, happiness and light to squash the darkness looming over everyone in the world, in early 2020, when the global pandemic of Covid-19 was at its peak.

In decades of my experience with life and my years of coaching people, I have come to a realization that most people in the world are seeking just one thing in their lives – something that makes their lives wholesome. And, that is happiness.

Through my own personal journey, I have also realized that the key to happiness is allowing oneself to keep growing and transforming in life, with self-love. I believe that it is important to never cease chiseling your own sculpture with love and care, to make each day of your life, a masterpiece! And, that is exactly what I wanted MMCPTC to represent.

MMCPTC is more than just your go-to sanctuary to solve your life problems and overcome your limiting beliefs, and achieving your goals. It is your bridge to connect with your true self, and finding everlasting happiness in your lives. MMCPTC can help you achieve this through deep and holistic, intrinsic transformation that will reshape your lives for a better today and tomorrow, physically, financially, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. In order to facilitate this deep transformation in you, I use my exquisite set of skills that I have garnered over the years to help you sculpt the best version of yourself.

Through a perfect blend of subconscious mind reprogramming, guided meditation, Positive & Peak Performance State of Mind Coaching, Anxiety and Phobia Cure, Emotional Intelligence Coaching, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), NLP-based therapeutic interventions, Reiki and Chakra Healing, I use the right blend of my magic potion, tailored for your needs, to bring about the deep transformation within you.

My personal transformation journey hasn’t just made me successful and happy today but it has also bestowed upon me: the finest quality of resilience; compassionate and cool-headed approach to solving problems and handling people; and an effortless smile that radiates the confident, enthusiastic, humorous and happy person that I am. And I am sure you too want to be able to live like that, don’t you?

Well, by now I am sure you have realized that you too can begin your magical journey of transformation with (brand name) and become one of the several world achievers that (brand name) has touched and made successful. You too can become the person you want to become. You too can find your true happiness within and unleash your hidden potential. Therefore, I invite you to consider beginning your transformation journey with me now at (brand name) so that you find your everlasting happiness sooner.

The Purpose


“You are what you believe in. You become that which you believe that you can become.” This has been one of my favourite excerpts from the Bhagavad Gita and has now become the mantra of my life and that of those who I have had the opportunity to coach and transform.

It is on this very mantra that (Brand name) was conceived, and brought into this world with a sole purpose of empowering and transforming people like you, making them the world achievers that they believed they could become.

MMCPTC is a catalyst in making you believe in your true potential and helping you achieve your heart’s desires and goals. MMCPTC will help you believe in your abilities to create wonders in this world and make them a reality in your lives. It will equip you with the right tools, strength, confidence and resilience in your journey as you march into a life of success, joy, love and everlasting happiness.

As the mother and founder of MMCPTC, I envision MMCPTC touching the lives of one million people across the globe in the next year, making them realize that they are unstoppable despite their challenges, by helping them experience deep transformation within.

The Presence


MMCPTC is a love child of human life and the digital era, thereby my making it limitless in terms of its geographical presence. MMCPTC sprawls across the globe, impacting the lives of a multitude of people irrespective of their cultural origins, ethnicities or physical locations, yet connected by the dearest friend, Internet. So, if you are someone with a stable internet connection and an openness to transform your life to sculpt the masterpiece that you believe you can become, then MMCPTC is your answer to realizing your dreams of having a happier life.

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